How to Transfer/Send Abitshadow-token(ABST) from Binance to Trust Wallet – Withdraw Abitshadow-token(ABST) Easy Guide

Send/Transfer Abitshadow-token(ABST) From Binance to Trust Wallet

If you want to send/transfer Abitshadow-token(ABST) from Binance to Trust wallet then we have come up with easy steps , please go through this article .

What is Trust  Wallet?

Trust wallet   is a decentrailsed crypto wallet in which you can store your coins/tokens safely without any interference of hackers or government agencies.Nobody can know your address or your coins into your Trust wallet.

How to send/withdraw  ABST from Binance to Trust Wallet

To transfer your Abitshadow-token from Binance to Trust Wallet ,follow the below steps:

  • Go to Trust Wallet  ,then navigate  to ABST  coin  in Dashboard there.
  • Now go to “receive”  button and copy public wallet address .
  • Go to Binance Dashboard.
  • From Binance Search for ABST to withdraw.

  • Then go  to “send/receive” or withdraw option there.
  • Now paste the ABST public wallet address which you have copied from Trust Wallet.
  • Select your desired network or it will automatically select the network by knowing its public wallet address.
  • Now click the send button.
  • Next step is that you will get an OTP into your mobile no. or email address with which you signed up for Binance.


  • After giving the OTP it will verify and will take sometime depends on the network to send your ABST  from Binance to Trust Wallet.

Note:- While sending ABST from Binance recheck your public wallet address with Trust Wallet.

Get the  Encrypted Public Wallet Address

  • Go to your Trust Wallet account to find your encrypted public wallet address.
  • Now Go  to the ABST that you want to deposit.
  • Now Search  for ABST and click on “receive”.

  • After you’ve clicked on “Receive” on the ABST  that you want to deposit, you’ll land on the cryptocurrency’s wallet.
  • Now you’ll see your ABST  wallet address on the “Address” field.Now Copy it.

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